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Why would you want to go green with your home design?



For years now, the design industry has been moving in a decidedly


green direction, with a huge push towards sustainable materials, 


energy efficient design, and environmentally-friendly building


practices. By using renewable materials and other green products


you can drastically reduce your energy costs such as electricity


and water bills while helping the environment in the process.



More and more, I have been creating clients' home designs in an 


environmentally friendly way. Having accomplished these goals 


many times, I have been recognized as a National Association


of Home Builders Certified Green Professional. This earned 


Certified Green Professional™ designation recognizes building


industry professionals who incorporate green building principles


into their projects. The classwork time leading to the designation


provides us with a solid background in green building methods.



I love hearing about all of the green innovations in the design


industry. The green design approach is truly fascinating, and


there are literally hours’ worth of engrossing reading materials


on the topic. The "Sustainability" section of my Blog is where I


share ideas on innovative design concepts, new products and


materials, and other points of interest. 



Please call (203) 540-5350 today if you have any questions on


"Sustainable Design" or to schedule an appointment.

Why Green Design?


This Blog Section offers

a selection of tips, ideas, and trends relating to

eco-friendly green design. 

Why Green Design? 

By Victoria Lyon

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