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"Design Styles" Blog by Victoria Lyon



Traditional design pulls heavily from the past, often incorporating  classic, comfortable upholstery with art, antiques and accessories from prior periods or styles. There is a greater use of textiles, such as for window treatments and upholstery, with a layering of colors, textures and patterns bringing interest to the design.




This style was born in the mid 20th century and utilizes minimal ornamentation. The architectural materials are often steel or concrete with large expanses of glass, embracing  the new technologies and materials of the machine age. Glass is used to connect the interior of the building with the exterior, thereby "inviting nature in". White is often the predominate color palette with other brighter colors used only as accents to add spark to the design. Modern décor also places a heavy emphasis on geometry, and clean, simple lines, with minimal use of pattern and textiles. 




This style reflects the cutting edge of 21st century design. It does not distinguish itself on the simple basis of materials. Instead, it aims to embrace the latest trends in technology and design. If traditional materials can be repurposed or if new engineered versions are even better, then a contemporary style will take advantage of either of them. Also there is a greater focus on materials and technologies that are "green" or eco-friendly. Contemporary style can integrate modern elements but is not constrained by them.





Transitional design combines elements of traditional with modern or contemporary design as a way of making traditional design feel younger and fresher.





Eclectic design combines elements from multiple styles to create a style unique to its own particular combination of elements. Eclectic design often feels both contemporary and traditional at the same time.

It may seem confusing when it comes to interior design styles, but with a little education you will be able to understand them. Here are some of the fundamentals that distinguish the styles.

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